Registration of legal entities in the territory of Armenia

  • advice on selecting the legal status of a company
  • registration of limited liability companies
  • registration of joint-stock companies
  • registration of non-governmental organizations
  • registration of companies with other legal statuses

Registering amendments in founding documents of legal entities

Registering amendments to chartered documents: 

  • amendment to company name
  • amendment to registered office (legal address)
  • amendment to founders or participants
  • amendment to size of chartered capital
  • other amendments to chartered documents

Services of registering amendments: 

  • initial advice (on amendments to be made)
  • drawing up necessary documentation package
  • state registration of amendments
  • ordering a stamp/seal
  • provision of information to state bodies in regard with amendments

Reorganization of legal entity: 

  • advice on selecting reorganization type for a legal entity
  • division of a legal entity
  • separation of a legal entity
  • mergers of a legal entity
  • acquisition of a legal entity
  • reorganization of a legal entity (change of legal status)

Winding-up legal entity:

  • advice on winding-up of legal entity
  • drawing up documentation package
  • registration of winding-up