Advantages of Subscription Service

You are given an opportunity to use the knowledge, skills and experience of all our employees instead of one to be directed to the interests of your company.

We are liable for the quality of the services we provide, so if you incur loss because of our employee, the caused damage can be compensated in the ranges of his/her salary.

The cost of services we provide doesn’t differ from a qualified corporate lawyer’s salary.

Monthly legal support services include:

Advice on legislative matters:

  • via phone
  • via e-mail in lawyer’s office
  • in customer’s office up to 4 visits per month
  • legal advice on the operations of foreign resident companies and their representations (branches) in the territory of Armenia

Provision of legal information:

  • provision of normative materials, upon client’s initial enquiry, both in electronic and paper formats

Maintaining founding documents:

  • drawing up minutes of general meetings and shareholders’ meetings

Record-keeping of civil documents: 

  • drawing up contracts
  • providing legal opinions on drawing, concluding, terminating and amending contracts
  • correcting contracts as suggested to the customer by contracting parties
  • providing legal opinions on civil contracts to be concluded
  • running negotiations with contracting parties on signing contracts, its terms and conditions, rights and obligations of parties, their performance and contract termination

Running employment documents:

  • advice on employment legislation of Armenia
  • drawing up and concluding employment contracts
  • drawing up orders on employment relations for the customer
  • drawing up documents regulating internal working relations (except for reports to be lodged to state bodies)

State registration: 

  • registration of legal entities, performing changes in chartered capital, its dissolution
  • registration of real estate and registration of  other transactions connected with real estate
  • registration of trademarks and service marks
  • registration of intellectual property objects

Representation in governmental bodies and courts of Armenia.