“Intra Vires” Law Company was founded in 2010 by experienced professionals in corporate sphere.
Cooperating with local and foreign large business entities operating in the market the founders aimed at providing them high quality legal services, which resulted in the foundation of “Intra Vires” Law Company. Currently “Intra Vires” Law Company successfully performs the task it aimed at: to provide legal services to a vast number of Customers.
Due to successful operations by Intra Vires the range of provide services was expanded with services provided to natural persons.
At present our company specializes in providing services in civil and administrative branches of law.
Intra Vires staff is recruited with lawyers acknowledged at domestic level and experienced barristers.
Pursuing the way proper to its name and recognizing other ways as unadoptable and inappropriate Intra Vires provides services exclusively on the grounds of lawfulness in the frames of the legislation in force.
The prior aim of the company is to protect Customer’s rights and interests at most enforcing all its potential.




Our Team